A trip to the salon is the ideal opportunity to take a break from your busy life and relax while pampering yourself. When it comes time to paying, however, there is always a bunch of uneasy questions. How much to tip and who should you give a tip to?

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In this article we will figure it out for you via salon professionals. We will find out what they anticipate — or, at the very least, what is typical. Spoiler alert: It all ultimately relies on the service you are getting, as well as the specific situations below.

Who to tip at a salon?

When it comes to getting a great hairdo, it takes a village. So don’t compromise in tipping the salon attendant who washes your hair or assists you during your treatment. However, keep in mind that your stylist may tip the assistant at the end of the day or week. You can include that in your overall tip and ask them to share it.

Alternatively, you can tip the helper separately. Sierra Bowling, a long-time salon receptionist, adds that that there are a good number of clients who additionally tip a couple of dollars to the assistants. This is always great and extremely appreciated.

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Stylists’ assistants and even junior stylists rely on tips for a large percentage of their income. So, make sure to specify how much cash goes to each individual or put it in different envelopes. $2 to $5 is appropriate for helpers who shampoo and prep your hair for color.

A word of advice: Do not assume that a gift card includes gratuity unless it is expressly stated. The same is true for discount vouchers and coupon codes. Just because you are saving money on a service does not mean the person providing it is making more money. Instead, give a 20% gratuity on the whole price of the service. If you are giving someone a treatment as a gift and want to be extra generous, ask the spa to include a tip on your card as well.

Although many salons provide complimentary fringe touch-ups, you may wish to thank your stylist for her efforts by giving her a few of bucks. Hairstylist Erick Orellana of Salon Republic in West Hollywood, recommends tipping 10% on a bang trim.

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Traditionally there is a notion that you should tip everyone who helps you during your salon appointment, except your stylist is the owner. However, we would say that they are providing a service like everyone else. So, keep your percentages to the typical 20%.

How much to tip at a salon?

A 20% tip is common for all beauty services, including manicures, massages, and haircuts. Carrie Sloan, Editor in Chief of LearnVest and personal financial expert explains that one thing that people frequently forget is that the cost of a service is the cost of the service plus the tip. If you don’t want to spend an extra $12 on a $60 haircut, try going to a salon that is more in line with your budget.

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Should you tip if you don’t like the service?

Unless you are leaving the salon with a very bad experience, we recommend tipping at least 10%. More importantly, make sure you communicate your thoughts with the salon or spa’s management. This way they can figure out the reason of your dissatisfaction and improve their service.

If you were explicit with your stylist about what you wanted and told them you were not happy with the service, but the stylist refused to change it, a lower tip is appropriate. However, deducting from your stylist’s gratuity makes little sense if you didn’t tell them you didn’t like their work and didn’t give them a chance to rectify it.

How much do you tip salon services in home?

You can schedule an in-home appointment or styling service through a salon or an app such as Urbanclap. We suggest paying the service provider first, then tipping 20% in cash when on their arrival.

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We hope that this article has cleared all your queries regarding how and how much to tip at a salon. Now it’s time for a trip to your favorite salon!