After each Uber ride, passengers should offer a tip.

From the perspective of a rider, an Uber ride is relatively inexpensive in general, especially when compared to taxi in most circumstances.

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A small tip is frequently enough to make a driver appreciate the journey. This will make them give you a higher rating. Drivers only earn as much as their passengers are willing to tip them, but every penny counts.

A driver’s favorite part of the ride, regardless of how much or how little, is getting a tip. This is due to the fact that drivers have a variety of charges that passengers may not be aware of. It costs a lot of money to keep a car operating. There are a number of hidden fees that passengers are unaware of.

Gas, automobile maintenance and servicing, and taxes as well as insurance and mobile data plans, are some of the typical driving expenses.


Uber’s Tipping Policy

Don’t worry if you feel perplexed by this situation. If you have been a long-time Uber customer, you have probably noticed the policy change several times during the course of the app’s brief existence.

Tipping on Uber is not something that long-term customers have an accustom to. Everyone is wondering why they should tip their Uber driver at all, given Uber’s nearly 10-year assault on tipping.


With a new update, tipping with Uber has suddenly become effortless. The update placed a tipping option right into the passenger app in a recent move to win back driver morale. This tipping feature in the app proposes giving drivers a few dollars at the end of a ride.

Why should you tip your Uber driver?

The main reason why you should tip an Uber driver is because they are giving you a personalized service that involves your safety and comfort. Despite that they do not get paid very much for it.

It is not that they are driving incorrectly. They are simply at the mercy of Uber and its aggressive price-cutting tactics.

Despite this, they are out there every day, working hard to get you to and from your destination safely.

In America, tipping has long been a component of the vehicle service sector. Be it cabs or limos, the American culture has always been to be generous with your tips. So it is incredible that consumers have to second-guess tipping Uber drivers.

Tipping persons who give personal services is typical.

The only reason this appears to be a question is because Uber’s first CEO had made a big statement about not having to tip on Uber. Since then, things have changed, especially with the change of CEOs.

Another reason to tip is for your own protection.

If you knew how little drivers truly made, you would understand how tough it is for them to afford vehicle upkeep and repair.

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When a driver is underpaid, they will put off routine maintenance until the last feasible moment. That means driving around on 5,000-mile-old tyres whose replacement should have happened long ago. Alternatively, they might also be waiting too long between oil changes. This is quite dangerous for you as a rider!

Making a small gratuity at the conclusion of each trip is the greatest method to ensure that Uber drivers are driving you in safe automobiles.

Your tip, when joined with the contributions of others, will add up. This will provide him with the additional funds he requires to properly maintain his vehicle.

Any Uber driver will completely agree on this fact. For reference check out this reply on Quora.

We recommend tipping the normal service amount just like you would in a restaurant.

Depending on the degree of service during the ride, you can utilize a sliding scale to tip your Uber driver:

  1. 20% bonus for exceptional service
  2. 15% for a decent experience
  3. 10% for an average experience
  4. nothing for those who are below average

Since ridesharing is a service, drivers deserve to receive the same amount of tips as anyone in the service business.

It is also an excellent way to distinguish between mediocre drivers and those who actually care about their passengers. Reward them if they go above and beyond to give excellent service. If they don’t, that’s what they have got coming to them.

How to tip Uber driver?

For rides that are shorter than 10 minutes, $1 is perfectly acceptable, regardless of the percentage. Scale it up a little if you are going on a longer ride.

Drivers receive incentives based on the number of rides they provide. Therefore, lengthier rides are really disadvantageous. However, there is most likely a limit of $5–10 dollars. Unless you are going on a ride that lasts several hours or covers more than 50 miles, there is no need to do anything else.

Here is another Quora reply as reference.

How to tip on Uber?

When the ride is over, the passenger Uber app will prompt you to give your driver a rating. Before you can leave a tip, you must first complete this task. You can get an option to leave a tip on the next screen. You have the option of selecting a pre-set amount or entering a custom amount by tapping “Enter Custom Amount.”

You can also tip your Uber driver in cash. That is rather self-explanatory and does not require more explanation.

Uber allows passengers to leave a tip up to 30 days after a ride is complete. However, from the driver’s perspective, the sooner the better.

If you wanted to tip but forgot, don’t assume it is too late just because it has been a few days. It is not too late if you act within the next 30 days. There is still time!

Is Tipping a Factor in Passenger Ratings?

It is difficult to say for certain, and this is a hotly debated topic among drivers. Before Uber enabled tipping, several drivers claimed that they would never give a passenger a five-star rating unless they received a tip. Back then all tips were in cash and given at the end of a ride.

However, now that tipping is possible through the Uber app, drivers will not be aware of your tip until after they have given you a rating.

However, as part of Uber’s 180 Days of Change, drivers were given the ability to review journeys in the past. If a driver realises he gave a passenger a high rating, he can contact Uber and request to change his rating.

If you really want to boost your rating, the best thing you can do is give drivers a cash tip before the ride ends. If a driver knows for sure that a passenger tipped, he will definitely give them a five-star rating.

With that stated, it is doubtful that you will lose a lot of rating if you don’t tip. The majority of drivers will not contact Uber to modify their rating later.

The order of what the driver sees and knows is as follows.

When you arrive at your destination, the driver will slide a button on the Uber driver app to complete the ride.

After that, the app will lead him to a screen where he has to rate you. He will not be able to do anything else until he finishes this stage.

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So, really a joyful good-bye and thanking him for his service is the best strategy to boost your rating. If you include a nice complement, such as “great trip,” he will be even more likely to award you 5 stars.

However, do not inform the driver that you are intending to tip.

Some passengers want to inform drivers they are going to tip. This is because they know drivers won’t know till later. They believe that if they promise a tip, the driver will give them 5 stars.

Most drivers, on the other hand, appear to feel that if a passenger says they are going to tip, it is a sure sign they won’t.

But don’t hold it against them. This is a habit they’ve picked up over time. Too many passengers have promised tips but never followed through.