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A handy tool for every occasion
A handy tool for every occasion

No more time waste, no more bad calculation. The tip generator is the only solution! Now you can easily divide total payable amount with your friends without doing math in your head. No matter where you are tip generator handles currencies based on your location.

Shared bill tip generator
Shared bill tip generator

To calculate the tip per person as well as the overall cost per person, the ultimate tip generator takes into account the cost of the service, the number of people, and the tip percentage selected. The tip generator tool is the simple way to calculate the total sum which include dinner plus tip.

Tip Generator
Tip Generator

The tip generator figures out how much to tip for different percentages of the service cost, as well as a total sum that includes the tip. A tip is money given to those employees in exchange for a service. Tip quantities and acceptance differ in various parts of the world.

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1 . Enter the bill amount
2 . Enter the Tip Percentage
3 . Add the number of people sharing
4 . Select the currency
5 . Click on submit

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it compulsory to Give Tip?

Many restaurants levy a service charge on the bill, If a service charge is included on the bill then it's better not to give tip, otherwise tipping off more than 10 percent is recommended according to international standards

How to give right amount of tip?

When deciding a tip at a restaurant, tipping of more than 10 percent is usually fine. We make it simple for you to calculate Tip, simply put your Bill amount and we calculate the right amount of tip. Our tool is completely free, safe, and secure.

How to choose a tip percentage?

If you want to know how to calculate a tip, you must first determine how much you rate the service. A tip should be between 10% and 20% of the overall bill. While it will seem difficult to imagine someone sitting at a restaurant table estimating the percentage of the bill, but with our ultimate tip generator its very easy and fast. Here is some services and expected tip% for restaurants, 15%-20% tips are expected. Food delivery 15%-20% tips depending on the distance, total price, etc. For hotel room service normally the charge is included in the price already. If not, 15-20% tips are expected. Tipping is entirely based on how you rate the service; if you didn't like it, you can leave a lower tip percentage.

How to calculate tip on tip generator tool?

Save time and ensure accuracy by calculating your tip with our tip generator. It's a simple tool that allows you to count a certain percentage of your bill. Everything you have to do is follow the steps below. 1. Type the value of your bill in the "enter the amount" field of our calculator. 2. Type the percentage of the tip you are going to leave in the "Tip%" field. If the service has been very good, you may want to raise your tip percentage. However, if the service or if the employee was rude, a lower tip percentage is understandable. 3. Fill the "number of people sharing" field. 4. Select the currency finally click on submit button and you will get the amount with tip.

How much to pay?

It's easy to make mistakes when we calculate things in our mind, It's easy to use the tip generator for fast and accurate result. To begin, chose a currency from the drop-down menu. After that, enter the total bill number. Next, fill in the tip percentage. Finally, choose how many people you want to share the bill with and press the "Calculate" button.

I refreshed the browser by mistake. What do I do?

Since our website does not use any servers and does not store your data, the color code entered by you will not be saved. you will have to reenter the data to calculate the tip

Can I calculate multiple tips?

Yes, to calculate multiple tips you need to refresh the browder or just enter the new value in the bill amount, and change the percentage as required.

Is it safe to use?

Texas tip calculator is 100% safe to use. You can simply copy the color codes suggested by the Texas tip calculator and paste where you need them. No permission is required to use the website and its ad free!

Will I be charged to use the website?

Our website is absolutely free and you can use it as many times as you want. There are no free trial uses, after which you will have to pay for using our services. We won't charge you anything.

Will I have to create an account to use Texas tip calculator?

Our website does not require you to sign up or create an account. The platform is absolutely free and you can check as many colors as you want.

Does it support both Android and iOS platforms?

Yes, our website works on browser, and therefore supports both iOS and Android platforms.

Which Windows versions does Texas tip calculator support?

Our website is completely web-based and therefore provides cross-platform support. This means that our tool supports all versions of Windows. It not only works on Windows operating system, but can work on any other operating system, that supports a browser.

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