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Save your precious time

Save your precious time

Waite tip calculator is the ultimate tool that helps you figure out how much to tip and how to split the bill. This tip tool not only calculates tips quickly and easily, but it also assists in splitting the bill among multiple people. Adjust the tip percentage, tip number, total amount, and amount payable per person by this smartest tip calculator!
Splitting the bill

Splitting the bill

We can easily share the bill with the help of a waiter tip calculator. It is a very easy task and the chances of mistake is also low.
Importance of waiter tip calculator

Importance of waiter tip calculator

To avoid awkward situations at the restaurant or bar, use the waiter tip calculator. Every time, know exactly how much you and your pals should tip. It is very easy to use. we can easily calculate the tip and we can also split the bill easily.


Tipping is not a new concept. A tip is a modest sum of money given to someone who has supplied us with a service as a way of expressing our gratitude. Some countries treat it as disrespectful and we shouldn’t treat it as disrespectful. Because it is a way of appreciation we can appreciate to the waiters for their hard word.
Percentage of the tip

Percentage of the tip

The tipping percentage can be different for different services. Tipping percentage also depends on the person’s way of living or standard of living. If you take food in 5-star restaurant the tip amount should be high. There is an unwritten rule that a tip should be between 10% and 20% of the entire bill amount.


It's respectful and reasonable to leave a little bigger tip if you have unique needs or requirements, such as a large party, small kids who have made a mess, or certain food preferences. Even if the restaurant's owner serves you, you should tip him at least 15%. It has been suggested that tipping owners is unnecessary since, if the owner is your server. However, etiquette says that you tip the owner since he is providing you with a service, and you are thanking him for it by giving him a little additional money. Use waiter tip calculator for fast and error free tip calculation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to calculate tip?

    If you’re using a waiter tip calculator it is very easy for you to calculate the tip. You can easily calculate by entering the amount of service and the percentage whatever you want to give as a tip. But if you’re not using a tip calculator you can’t calculate it easily. And there is high chance to make mistake.

  • Should we tip for large orders?

    Offcourse, for significant orders, we should tip. We should not tip less for large orders because the effort required to complete a large order is likewise more. For large orders, the tip should be increased. We should be grateful to them. We can use waiter tip calculator for fast tip calculation.

  • How we can calculate the tip?

    With the use of the waiter tip calculator, we can simply calculate the tip by entering the service amount and the percentage of the tip based on the service, and it is extremely simple to use.

  • Should we tip online to your waiter?

    We can use an online platform or cash it is depend on us. If we tip in cash it is a good way. If you’re taking dinner with a large group and it is difficult to distribute the tip to all staff then tip online and they will easily share their tip. A tip is more than showing kindness.

  • How much should we tip our waiter?

    10-20% tip is minimum and we can tip to our waiter more than 20% also. It completely depends on us. If we can spend more we can tip our waiter more than 20% and the tip also depends on the different services.

  • Should we tip waiter?

    Waiter task is not an easy job. They do a lot of tasks again and again, also greet the customer, they listen of every customer and remember all the order. Tipping a waiter is not only for appreciation but also for their living. Waiter get very less salary that’s why we should tip your waiter.

  • How much tip should be given to waiter?

    In English Countries, tipping of 15 - 20 percent is expected , but In India Tipping of 10 - 12 percent is common. It is totally up to you to decide the tipping amount according to service you get in the restaurant

  • When to give tip to waiter?

    Waiters are required to get the tip at the end of the service. Once you get served and finish your lunch/dinner/breakfast you are expected to give the tip to the waiter.

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